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"Punish Your Opponents,

Not Your Body®"

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

What Makes a Pro-Cushion Court Different?

Cushioned Comfort 

Pro-Cushion® resilient sport surfaces reduce impact on a player’s knees, ankles, hips, and feet lowering fatigue levels and extending player time.  Our cushioned surface allows for up to 15 percent force reduction on the body.

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface
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Our technology allows our surface to be fully adhered with no hollow or dead spots. Our surface never loses its resiliency and will perform year after year, no matter the climate or location. 

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface


We have designed and innovated our cushioned tennis court surfaces so that they offer the absolute safest playing experience for athletes. Not only do our systems absorb impact, but they are smooth and consistent. You won’t find any bulging seams, wrinkles, holes, dead spots, or uneven surfaces on a Pro-Cushion® sport surface.

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Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

Fast Installation

Trust our network of certified court builders to quickly install your Pro-Cushion surface. Our builders never compromise quality. Our courts are always installed with a smooth, high-level finish.

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

Completed Projects

We Know Tennis Courts

We have over 40 years of tennis court experience. Our tennis courts have won numerous industry awards. Trust us to install a safe, comfortable and durable tennis court surface. 

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

United States 

Cushioned Tennis Court Surface

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How popular is tennis as a recreational sport?

Tennis is an inclusive sport that can be played by people with a wide variety of athletic abilities and experience levels. Not only is tennis a great recreational sport for adults to play, but learning to play tennis is also beneficial for kids. When kids play tennis, they have the opportunity to learn about sportsmanship and teamwork while engaging in a safe, low-impact sport. Additionally, different types of tennis court surfaces are widely available in many communities, including accessibility for schools. For the best playing experience, opt for tennis court surfaces that are cushioned. With the increased popularity of cushioned tennis court surfaces, the sport has less risk of injury than ever before, which has only increased its popularity among beginners and experienced athletes alike.

What are some injuries that can result from playing tennis?

While tennis is a great recreational sport for kids and adults, players need to be aware of potential injuries that can be caused by regular play. A relatively common type of injury is experiencing damage to various tendons in the body. Straining, tearing, or weakening of the tendons around the elbows, knees, or shoulders are serious injuries that tennis players should work to avoid. Another type of injury is an ankle sprain. Tennis players often experience ankle sprains because the sport is fast-paced, requiring quick movements in various directions. To prevent these types of injuries, players can learn proper techniques, warm up before matches, and build up strength around the joints. In addition, playing on a cushioned tennis court surface reduces the risk of injury. Finding out if a court is indeed made of a cushioned tennis court surface is a simple step that can make a big difference.


What exactly is a cushioned tennis court surface?

A tennis court is made of sports surface materials. Sports surface materials are different from materials used for sidewalks, walkways, streets, or parking lots. They are specifically designed to enhance performance and reduce injuries while playing certain sports. For example, a cushioned tennis court is made of multiple layers. These multiple surface layers include a base layer of concrete or asphalt, a cushioned layer, and a final acrylic finish. The softer cushioned layer consists of a rubber material that provides multiple benefits for players who utilize the court. 


What are the benefits of a cushioned tennis court?

A cushioned tennis court has multiple benefits that help to improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of both minor and serious injuries. A softer surface reduces the impact on a player’s joints. Compared to playing on an uncushioned court, a cushioned tennis court surface will provide protection against injuries to the areas of the body that are most susceptible to strains, tears, and sprains. For the lower body, a cushioned surface protects a player’s hips, knees, ankles, and feet, and for the upper body, injuries to the shoulders, elbows, and back are less likely. With all these protections, it makes sense that a cushioned surface helps to improve performance. Not only will players be protected against injuries, but the right surface prevents fatigue, as well. Playing on a quality cushioned tennis court surface means longer playing time, less fatigue, and fewer injuries. It is the simplest way to increase stamina and prevent acute injuries and long-term health issues.


Does a cushioned tennis court surface hold up with multiple uses per day?

While some tennis courts are only used occasionally, others are used multiple times per day, maybe even for dozens of matches in a row. To ensure a cushioned tennis court surface is up for the challenge, it is imperative to choose a reputable company that provides the latest in surface technology. A few common drawbacks to choosing a subpar provider is the presence of dead spots or hollow areas of your tennis court surface. These flaws severely impact the durability of a tennis court. A quality court will maintain the same resilience and high level of performance no matter how many games are played on it. 


Is a cushioned tennis court surface always the best option?

Because a cushioned tennis court surface utilizes the latest technologies and advancements in sports surface technology, there is not a better choice for a tennis court. In addition to the benefits of increased performance and reduced risks of injuries, a cushioned tennis court surface is the safest option for players because it provides impact absorption. A surface that provides impact absorption basically allows for a softer landing due to a significant decrease in impact force. Because tennis is a fast-paced sport that involves quite a bit of movement and jumping, decreasing impact force is highly beneficial for players. Plus, cushioned tennis court surfaces are a safer option compared to other types of surfaces because they are free of holes, wrinkles, bulges, and dead spots, leaving a perfectly smooth surface for optimal play.


What is a Pro-Cushion surface?

A Pro-Cushion surface is a special type of cushioned tennis court surface that improves the quality of the court. It is an exceptionally resilient sport surface that allows for up to fifteen perfect foce reduction on the bodies of the players. In addition, a Pro-Cushion surface is remarkably durable. It has the highest level of performance of any other type of tennis court surface. The innovative design of a Pro-Cushion sport surface guarantees top performance and long-lasting results. 


What is the installation process for a cushioned tennis court surface?

Installing a new tennis court surface is an important decision, and finding a reputable installer will ensure the process is simple from start to finish and that the new sports surface is installed on time and on budget. Reputable providers will thoroughly assess the needs of each customer and provide a detailed estimate, checking in every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns. Certified court builders are able to professionally install a new cushioned tennis court surface, including a high-level finish, in a timely manner. The result will be a durable, comfortable, and safe tennis court that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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